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1969 Guild D40

The solid wood dreadnaught with spruce top and mahogany back, sides and neck makes the 1969 Guild D40 a classic vintage acoustic.

We all have heard the sound. Richie Havens played “Here Comes The Sun” when he opened Woodstock. The crowd was so much bigger than anticipated, the following acts had trouble getting to the stage. Richie played that D40 for 3 hours. His guitar was made in New York, so it fits the Woodstock story perfectly.

The ’69 Guild D40 pictured here was also played in Woodstock, but it isn’t Richie Haven’s guitar. He added a upper pick guard to defend his heavy right hand attacks.

I always said it looked like he was beating his guitar like he caught it breaking into his house.

See this instrument in person at the KC Guitar Show.

Yes, it is for sale.

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