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Vintage Guitar Theft Alert

Friends: our friend Drew Winn of Tulsa has had $80,000 worth of guitars stolen from his store on January 6th.

If you are able, please be on the “look out” for these vintage guitars. Drew is a great dealer at The Indiana Guitar Show and we all want to support the apprehension of the thief and recovery of these guitars (Joe Bonamassa is also on the case).

Guitars stolen from Guitar House of Tulsa, Oklahoma

2022 Gibson Dave Mustaine #DMV30

Paul Reed Smith McCarty Private Stock #3712

Collings OM-2H #27853

Bourgeois AT D Dreadnaught Sunburst #6899

EVH '78 Eruption White with Black Stripes #0210

Gibson Les Paul Custom "Kumquat" Yellow [aged to orange-ish] #CS2000014

1996 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop R6 P-90's Reissue [left-handed] #66396

1979 Hamer Standard Flame Top Sunburst [Explorer Shape] #0284

1987 Goodall KGC 299 #

1961 Rickenbacker 365 Capri Fireglo #AC296

1977 Gibson J-200 Natural #06142729

2008 Gibson Hummingbird [left-handed] #00588030

1969 Gibson J-160E #89234

1954 Gibson J-200 Sunburst #A23297Seen any of these?Call mark Valentine816-520-8430

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