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Tracy Chapman's Grammy Guitar

Tracy Chapman’s Grammy guitar is an old friend she has been playing since buying it in a store in Palo Alto, CA. in 2001.

It was made by a retired folk singer in Calgary, Canada in 1999.

The luthier, Judy Threet, couldn’t sell it in Calgary, so she put it on consignment in Gryphon Stringed Instruments where Tracy Chapman came in looking for a smaller, more comfortable guitar.

Chapman’s song, Fast Car, just made its second chart climb after Luke Combs had a country cover of the tune.

Chapman and Combs  performed a duet on this year’s Grammys. Now the Chapman original is freshly popular.

Threet’s handcrafted instrument was seen and heard by millions around the world. “That’s sort of what everyone hopes for when they are building guitars.”

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