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The Silvertone Amp-In-Case

What do Beck and Brad Shultz (Cage The Elephant) have in common? It is a love for an odd guitar.

The Sivertone 1149 and 1449 might be dismissed as a cheap pawnshop guitar. It was gimmicky because it had an amp and speaker built into the case. The vintage version of the 1960s is a little pricey now, but there are cheaper reissues floating around.

Older players will remember that Sivertone was the Sears brand of musical instruments. They were popular ukuleles around the 1920s. In the mid 1950s, Silvertone made more than 25 models of electric guitars. These are collectible but still not usually too pricey ($800-$1500)

The British Invasion of the 1960s sent thousands of wanna-be young guitar players to Sears to buy the Silvertone Amp-In-Case model 1457.

The current trick will be to find a functioning original case.

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