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Taylor Swift Just Donated A Signed Guitar

Taylor Swift just donated a signed guitar to Musicares, a charity that helps people in the music industry.

The instrument, will be auctioned February 4. Last summer, a guitar Taylor Swift used in the studio was sold at a charity auction for $120,000 Other guitars in the aution include: Harry Styles’ 1999 Gretsch White Falcon hollow-body electric guitar, signed and dated 2023 with a heart and swirl drawing. Cure singer Robert Smith’s black RS-1000 Stage Artist Edition signature Schecter acoustic guitar — played on stage at the band’s May 2023 Hollywood Bowl show Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh’s signed 2015 Fender Hot Noiseless Stratocaster guitar from his personal collection

Bad Bunny signed 2011 Schecter Diamond Series model T S/H-1 semi-hollow body guitar

Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash’s signed 2023 Gibson Les Paul Anaconda Burst guitar with green flame maple top with Slash’s “Scully” doodle

Eagles guitarist/singer Don Felder’s 2010 Gibson guitar

DJ Khaled’s signed Les Paul studio guitar

Willie Nelson and Friends signed 2023 Martin D-10 acoustic guitar (featuring the signatures of Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, Sheryl Crow, Bob Weir, Snoop Dogg, Beck, Tom Jones and more)

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