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Paul McCartney’s Long Lost Bass

Paul McCartney’s long lost bass was bought for about $40 by Paul in 1961.

The iconic Hofner bass was played in the club circuit days. It stayed with The Beatles through the Beatlemania of the early 1960s. We have all heard it on lots of Beatles songs. It was last seen about the time of their last live performance on the roof top of their Saville Row office. That was 1969. Others say it went missing in 1972. Stories get fuzzy over a 50 year span of time.

Last week the decades long, global search for the instrument ended when it turned up as part of an inheritance. The new owner returned it to Paul McCartney.

Nobody really knows how it disappeared. A soundman recently said it was stolen from a van. It is estimated to be worth $13million today.

That is the latest news. Here is the old website:

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