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Luthiers Art Craft Tech Obsession

Collectors look for who made a guitar like music fans read liner notes. The guitar makers each have a unique skill set and the variables make an instrument special.

Is it the material, the shape, the feel? Is it the electronics or harmonics or the tone wood? Is it who it was made for? Like any art, the fame of the artist factors into the value. The Luthiers art craft tech obsession is always on display.

The KC Guitar Show is proud to have Viking Guitarworks offering some special builds. This is a custom finish Silver leaf Ibanez Jam, Jr.

Meet the luthier, Matt Bennett.

See it. Feel it. Buy it at the show.

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I know some of the talent behind this show and I can you it will be epic. The pictures here represent a small fraction of the great guitars, ideas and friendships that will grow out of this event. See you there if you love music and guitars of all types.

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