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Guitar Made From Parts of Jimi Hendrix's House

This is a 9 string acoustic guitar called “If 6 was 9” and it is made from the wood harvested from a house Jimi Hendrix lived in as a kid.

D, G, and B strings are coursed. The bottom E and A and the top E are all single strings.

JOI Guitars cut a deal with the Hendrix Family estate to use the wood from a house in Seattle.

The house was built pre 1920, so the wood was old and salvaged when the house was torn down. It’s not just the wood, floorboard nails are used for position markers in the neck.

There is a Hendrix signature inlaid on the 12th fret.

Ten of these guitars will be made.

There is one at NAMM 2024 now.

In case you are wondering, $25,000

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