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Every Guitar Has A Story - Official Press Release

Kansas City, MO – If The Chiefs are America’s team and Travis and Taylor are America’s Sweethearts, the guitar has to be America’s Instrument. Stats don’t lie. About 4.5 million Americans are guitar owners. Most of them own at least five guitars.The guitar’s relationship with humans has been going on for a long time.

Now imagine the TV show, “Every Guitar Has A Story,” where you find out what your guitar is worth and tell its story.

Steve Scorfina is one of the original members of REO Speedwagon and Pavlov’s Dog. Mark Valentine is an old promoter. They shared a disbelief that there is no guitar show in Missouri. They flipped a coin and Valentine’s hometown Kansas City got the debut. Next year, they will add Scorfina’s hometown, St. Louis.

Every Guitar Has A Story is like Antiques Road Show for instruments. “I dream of the moment,” said Valentine, “when someone tells the story of the guitar their dad bought in ’69 when he got back from Viet Nam. He’s gone, but the guitar has been in thier closet. That is a $30,000 guitar and a Million Dollar story.”

May 19, The Airport Embassy Suites will host The KC Guitar Show. There will be dealers that will buy, sell and trade instruments as well as other guitar related booths.

“Every Guitar Has A Story” begins with filling out the “On Camera Appraisal Form” found at

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