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Billy Gibbons' 1959 Les Paul Pearly Gates

Every Guitar has a story. Billy Gibbons' 1959 Les Paul Pearly Gates has a really great story.

We have all heard the guitar on ZZ Top hit songs, but the origin story is colorful as Billy Gibbons himself. The name Pearly Gates actually came from a car that he loaned to an actress who needed to get from Texas to Hollywood for an audition. The 1936 Packard made it and the actress got the part. The car was named Miss Pearly Gates for the divine connection. The actress sold the car and Billy used the money to buy the ’59 Les Paul for $250 in 1969. The name transferred from car to guitar. At the time, it was mint. Billy kept the original Black Diamond Strings and the case that had a love note to the original owner, “I like what you do. Meet me later. You might like what I can do.”

Billy was offered $5million for it and turned it down.

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