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A New Gibson And A Trademark Scrum

Gibson announced a new body shape, with the launch of The Theadore Standard. Well, sort of new, it was designed in 1957. But it is "A New Gibson And A Trademark Scrum"

(Gibson Image)

The Theodore has a symmetrical mahogany body, scimitar headstock with Grover Mini Rotomatic tuners, and double Florentine cutaways that provide easy access to all 22 frets on the guitar’s rosewood-capped, SlimTaper mahogany neck.

Who could dispute this? Ted (Theodore) McCarty’s estate and PRS Guitars. Those two entities claim guitarists would associate “Theodore” with Ted McCarty and Gibson does not have the right to use his name. McCarty was a guitar designer for Gibson from 1950-1966. He actually designed the guitar for Gibson as their employee.

Who will win? My bet is on the lawyers. You can own it for less than $2000

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