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1930s Rickenbacker Fry Pan Lap Steel A-22

The Rickenbacker A-22 "Frying Pan" lap steel is considered the first electric guitar ever manufactured that was a commercial success. It was invented and designed by George Beauchamp. Rickenbacker made this unique instrument from cast aluminum with a gold enamel finish. There was a Stormberg Electro in 1928. It did not work well and it's failure left the door open for the A-22. They began selling in 1932, but Rickenbacker did not get the patent until 1937. Other companies filled that 5 year gap with models of their own.

The driving force was the popularity of Hawaiian music at the time. Popularity means bigger crowds and the need for more volume. Some things never change.

The Rickenbacker A-22 is part of Steve Scorfina’s collection. You can see it, feel it and buy or trade for it and talk to Steve at the KC Guitar Show.

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